A question of silence jesper just visitors

images a question of silence jesper just visitors

The film depicts a complex three-way relationship between a middle-aged woman also played by Hansena younger woman and a man, but we are left to draw our own conclusions as to how the situation began and to where it may evolve. The original entrance to the pavilion was turned into the exit when the modernist addition was built the pavilion was built over two periods, neoclassical and modernist. The eponymous film of the trilogy is the most cinematic of the three, with Hansen found in an Ingmar Bergman-esque setting on a remote island. August made the composition for the self-playing piano. Putting the aesthetic body on display was almost like having the dancers dance in quotation marks—extracting the aestheticized body by adding a sort of double exposure to it. I wanted the exhibition experience to start when you approached the pavilion, so you would experience it before you even entered.

  • Interpassivities Jesper Just •Mousse Magazine
  • Jesper Just Intercourses
  • Jesper Just — Palais de Tokyo — Exhibition — Slash Paris
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  • Jesper JUST, "A Question of Silence"; Super 16mm transferred to Blu-ray; 6'18'' \ 6'18''; Edition of 6.

    Interpassivities Jesper Just •Mousse Magazine

    Whether the scene is intended as real or imagined is unclear, but in the next film, A Question of Silence (), this joy has evaporated and Hansen is found in a. The Danish artist Jesper Just visualizes psychological states between reality and fiction, dream and fantasy. Jesper Just, A Question of Silence,
    Then later it is revealed to be a self-playing piano, performing on its own.

    images a question of silence jesper just visitors

    Architecture responds to the three registers of human physicality, and forms of labor are in action with the shifting flooring. This Nameless Spectacle features a transgender actress in a wheelchair navigating Buttes Chaumont, an iconic park in Paris.

    Maureen Paley. The performance begins to unfold through the movements of some dancers interspersed in the crowd, who become identifiable by their subtle motions. The Uncanny Geometry of Satoshi Kojima.

    Jesper Just Intercourses

    Far from naturalistic, his films contain a deliberate ambiguity, which, while at times unsettling, allows for an emotional resonance that speaks of a meaning above and beyond mere storytelling.

    images a question of silence jesper just visitors
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    This cumulated in an installation that was both a physical and an auditory experience so grounded in the perception of physical space that on some level it serves as an architectural structure in itself.

    Interpassivities engages with a different aspect of the post-simulacrum condition, that of hypernormalization.

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    It creates this echo of an object or presence—sound heard in the space, then seen in the film, and made tangible when encountering the instrument.

    Stories of Finnish Art. May One day the father suggested that August and I should work together, and we collaborated for the first time in and several times since. NS: All of these ideas are very present in Interpassivitieswhere the performance becomes porous by way of its own forms and actions.

    In the spring ofJesper Just was appointed by the Danish Arts Around this central feature, visitors will be able to experience a number of Jesper Just's other films.

    Jesper Just — Palais de Tokyo — Exhibition — Slash Paris

    The film This Love Is Silent from shows the arrival of a crowd of Just not only places a question mark over masculinity and role models, but also. Grace Schwindt “In Silence” at ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam. JESPER JUST: When I created Intercourses for the Danish Pavilion, the of space—and when you address space, the question naturally arises: Are you disabled character of the Child, the installation forces visitors to confront their.

    images a question of silence jesper just visitors

    In his film work, Jesper Just links images of an exceptional quality to sounds and music, which play a decisive role in the film, to ask questions about feelings and human relations, desire which will transform the existing space and the visitor journey.

    Bronwyn Katz — A Silent Line, Lives Here Past.
    How we use bodies has shifted. Some elements were activated elsewhere, yet had an active presence in the space, like the way sound was created from the border, from deploying it as an instrument, and then it turned into floor vibrations. NS: There is a strong correlation between the modular fragmented flooring and the bodily concepts represented throughout the show.

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    This Nameless Spectacle features a transgender actress in a wheelchair navigating Buttes Chaumont, an iconic park in Paris. June - July - August We used wireless speakers that were attached underneath some floor units, so the fence between the two states was rearranged and translated vocally into the performance space.

    images a question of silence jesper just visitors
    This investigation of physicality correlates to the architecture that facilitated the works, namely the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in and the lower level of Palais de Tokyo, Paris, in Just uses easily recognized codes to suggest overt femininity, both in the way his characters are dressed and in the imagery that surrounds them, yet by emphasizing the complexity of the female perspective he avoids the simple readings these signifiers usually provoke.

    The inherent dialogue emerges on the issue of ableism: perhaps the least-discussed form of discrimination, but omnipresent in any urban landscape. When you enter the space, the first thing you hear is a piano playing, kind of like a soundtrack of the space.

    Jesper Just Frieze

    This questions then the relationship of the body to the machine—what the difference is between an object doing actions and a body that is commanded to do the same actions.

    This is my first collaboration with Kim; it is partly seen in the film but it spills over into the performance space, again breaking this boundary between what is happening live in one space versus in the projected filmic space.

    Within the performance space this manifests within the shifting physical boundaries of the moving, topographic floor.

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    1. This concept is tied to the idea of virtual reality and the endless reproductions of a thing in different manifestations. It consists of classical ballet dancers, pedestrian migrant workers, a modular floor, a self-playing piano, three new video works, and a composition made by Kim Gordon and the audience—all roaming the room during the eighty-minute duration of the show.

    2. Can you say something about this process and how it evolved in response to other ideas resonating the show?