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Movies like montage

images movies like montage

The classic opening of Tony Scott's horror film forever linked goth rock, smoky NYC clubs and vampires. This feature is not available right now. How many viewers wanted to take up pottery after watching this famous lovemaking sequence—scored to a sublime, Phil Spector—produced serenade? Stanley Kubrick wanted to use classical compositions instead of the commissioned and discarded Alex North score to attain an appropriately massive soundtrack to his cerebral sci-fi masterpiece, and Richard Strauss's tone poem supplies the film's opening moments with an immediate sense of scope and grandeur: This is what the majesty of the universe sounds like. Spectre Review! Loading more suggestions What do you think are the best movie montages? WIRED 7, views. This clip isn't the full sequence, but you get the vibe.

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  • I have sorted the best korean thriller movies which I have seen so far. the list time to time when I will watch other korean movies like these.

    Still, it's well done and if you like spy thrillers, chances are you will not be Montage starts out as your average suspense thriller and takes its. to 'Encino Man,' we're ranking the best makeover montages in movie history.

    images movies like montage

    Sephora sells one-ounce jars of moisturizer for like $ Though movies like The.
    A psychedelic groove of soap-opera strings and lyrical menace accompanies Samantha Morton, lost in her headphone cloud, as she cruises to her McJob at the supermarket. Legend Review! But most harrowing of all?

    Watch Dog 5 Movies Similar to 'Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck' BDCWire

    Sign in to report inappropriate content. Helicopters slide cagily through the frame, a forest is devastated in a slo-mo napalm bombing, and Martin Sheen's somnolent visage—caught somewhere between dream and reality—floats over it all. From —a time when the whole world could love Tom Cruise unreservedly—comes this euphoric scene of geeked-out underwear dancing, set to the scratchy bar-band stylings of Bob Seger.

    Even as you watched the sequence for the first time, it felt like a classic—and still does.

    images movies like montage

    images movies like montage
    Movies like montage
    American Beauty - Dying Moments It perfectly alternates between the beauty of a life in retrospect and the pain of those left behind in a mix of calm and chaos.

    This Oscar-winning drama about an American journalist and his captured Cambodian translator uses John Lennon's hit to end on a high note. Buy, rent or watch The Big Chill. Buy, rent or watch Watchmen.

    Download "My Sharona" on Amazon. Here's the trailer, with a taste of Gang of Four at the mark, along with other artists. Learn more.

    When the song's harmonies sync up with the Super-8 credits, it's like. film's opening montage of local landmarks and crowded avenues to the. Cinematic Montage” is a short video created by Vimeo user of Clips From Iconic Films Edited Together Into a Single Trailer-Like Video Both videos also offer a full, alphabetical breakdown of the movies contained therein.

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    Montage is a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots are edited into a There are two montages like this in It Happened One Night. In a typical railroad. The Liveliest Art: A Panoramic History of the Movies.

    images movies like montage

    New York: Mentor.
    What's a manchild like Pee-wee Herman to do when he knocks over a group of hulking bikers' motorcycles? True to the spirit of the novel, this adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's serial-killer satire uses Huey's catchy hit single to score the cutthroat dispatching of a Wall Street rival.

    Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes - Duration: Choose your language. Buy, rent or watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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    Morrison and the band's apocalyptic lament evokes the horrors of a war as vividly and aptly as do the images. Everyone's faith is about to be tested.

    The 50 best uses of songs in movies

    images movies like montage
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    Buy, rent or watch Ghost. Our newsletter hand-delivers its best bits to your inbox. Dancing behind a grate, Peter Murphy lip-synchs to his band's ominous single as bloodsuckers David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve scope out the gyrating bodies for the night's prey.

    I Wish - Poetry in the Details A look at the beauty of the little things we usually just pass by in our daily life. The song's blissful lyrics make this junkie nightmare even more disturbing; it's the "perfect" example of needle-drop irony.

    David Epstein - Duration: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

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